Blue and White Football Game

Westminster football team competes for the first time in an inner-squad game.


Kendall Toretta

Ben Broadhurst receives the snap in the Blue and White game.

With the absence of games against other schools, the Wildcat football team decided to take a different approach to getting ready for a potential season.

For the next few Wednesdays, the team’s practices will consist of an inter-squad scrimmage, which will end up looking very similar to a college spring game. The Blue team is coached by Mike Decker, the defensive coordinator. The White team is coached by Greg Schoenberg, longtime strength coach.

Butler Bynote, the new head football coach, took it upon himself to get the coaching staff together at Buffalo Wild Wings to divide the players into their temporary teams. The draft was comparable to a fantasy football snake draft. The first two picks were the two quarterbacks Josh Baker-Mays and Shep Nye. With a good mix of upperclassmen paired with younger players, fans should expect to see close games that could come down to the final buzzer, which should be a nice change of pace for any Mizzou fans after watching their opening weekend matchup with the University of Alabama.

The most highly anticipated scrimmage in program history ended in a jaw-dropping 7-6 stalemate. The Blue team reigned victorious in this low scoring affair. Joshua Baker-Mays and Nolan Jones, two of the top offensive threats for the White team were injured for the game and unable to play. The score does not do the game justice in showing the excitement it instilled in Westminster fans. There were a few turnovers for both sides, one interception was snagged by senior lineman Jack Powers. The defense on both sides proved to be very solid for their first test of the year.

The first touchdown of the day was scored as Joshua Baker-Mays took it himself to the end zone to give the White team the early lead. They then attempted to go for the two point conversion from the five yard line, but it came up just short of the goal line.

Throughout the game the White team was halted on the goal line three times. The Blue team’s defense held strong. The inability of the White team to punch it in at the goal line is not something fans should worry about. The team will come together and work and improve on their goal line offense.

Later on in the action, the Blue team got on the board via a rushing touchdown by freshman Josh Avery, tying the game at 6-6. The Blue team then went for the one point conversion from the 2 yard line and converted to make it 7-6 Blue.

Another shining point for the Wildcats was a punt return nearly returned for a touchdown by Mulick. Ultimately, he ended up fumbling, but Mulick may be able to add the spark for the Wildcats special teams this year.

It was an unusual game for Ben Broadhurst, a junior wide receiver. With the injury of Joshua Baker-Mays, Broadhurst was called upon to serve as the White team’s quarterback for the remainder of the game.

“I had a fun time playing quarterback and I am glad I could step up for my team. It is a lot harder than it looks, and I’ll definitely leave it to JBake (Joshua Baker-Mays) and let him do his job” said Broadhurst.

Luckily, the knee injury Baker-Mays suffered during the game was not season-ending, only taken out for precautionary reasons. Unfortunately, the injury to Jones seems to be a little more severe, but there is no need to fret. The hamstring is a delicate muscle and needs to be treated with care for Jones to make a full recovery in time for the season. The Wildcat football team hopes to see Jones back in the backfield alongside Baker-Mays very soon.

The first Blue and White game will go down as a victory for the Blue team, but as a whole a big success. The Westminster community can look forward to the next game on Friday, October 9th.