Softball Preview 2020

Softball builds team chemistry to prepare for the season.


Courtesy Gabby Merrifield

Merrifield pitches in a summer softball game for Crush.

Over the past few years, softball coach, Dan Petke, has been working hard to build up the softball program, and this year’s team is looking promising. Last year, the team gained star pitcher, Gabby Merrifield. Merrifield has been working hard playing softball for the St. Louis Heat and Crush teams during high school off season. Her hard work and dedication is paying off, and she will be a key to the success of the team.

Nicki Mabry, senior, will also play a huge role in the success of the team due to her versatility on the field. Mabry has played every position except pitcher and shortstop during her Westminster softball career. As players come and go, Mabry can effortlessly fill in any position gaps. This year her versatility will be utilised at shortstop or third base. Not only is she a great player, but she’s also a great teammate.

“Since I was a freshman, Nicki was always a great leader on and off the field. I aspire to have her commitment and work ethic and to lead like her after she graduates,” said teammate, Hope Linam, junior.

Due to the coronavirus, softball games are not being played currently, but the team is holding out hope for the possibility of playing soon. Even if the team can not compete this year, the season can still be valuable.

“My goal is to grow closer with the girls and also to further my softball and athletic abilities. Softball is also an outlet for me and my emotions and so I love it,” said Gabby Merrifield, sophomore.

Despite the possibility of not playing games, the team can still have a successful season if they redefine what success is by focusing on relationships and working for future seasons.