The Crown Jewel: Saved or Shattered?

Westminster senior athletes cope with a challenging season.


Margaret Briner

Nicki Mabry, Senior, catches fly ball at practice.

Everybody loves a good comeback story and hopefully this year’s senior athletes will have a good one to tell. Seniors are waking up everyday, visualizing the moment they play their first and last game of their senior season, and yet they still don’t know if games will happen.

Even with the odds against them, these seniors are working day in and day out, practicing hard and practicing well, and why? It’s simple, a true comeback story at its finest: working towards a goal even when it seems impossible.

A vast majority of senior athletes have been playing their sport for as long as they can remember. Many of those same seniors aren’t going on to play college, so these seasons truly are their last chance to play highschool sports. And to have your last highschool season look different this year, is discouraging for most seniors.

The biggest thing for all sports teams right now is keeping the team’s spirit alive and enthusiasm up for practice even though games might not happen.

“It can be difficult when everyday feels like the same thing and there seems to be no point to it if there are no games, but our coaches have done a great job of keeping practice fun and the seniors have taken on the role of leading the charge energy-wise,” said Nicki Mabry, senior.

Unfortunate news was announced on September 9th, as St. Louis County executive, Sam Page, announced that high contact and moderate contact sports such as football, field hockey, soccer, volleyball, and softball will, as of right now, not be allowed to play games. For many, this announcement was disheartening and frustrating.

“This announcement is ridiculous. Many teams outside St. Louis County are playing and not experiencing any problems. I also feel that the plan will backfire because athletes have been taking extra precautions to remain safe due to their season, but without a season a lot more people will stop taking those extra precautions,” said Jack Powers, senior.

Fall athletes and seniors alike are doing the best they can to keep their hopes up, as they are still keeping their fingers crossed to play a game or two by the end of the season. Although it doesn’t look likely, all they can do right now is hope for the best. When playing a sport you’re working towards something, a reward, and that reward is games.

“I am hopeful. AD Snyder is going to explore every option possible in order for us to have a season this fall. He has made it very apparent that the spring is the very last option to play football, but after a while you realize that you either enjoy the opportunity you have or lose it forever,” said Jack Powers, senior.

A great comeback happens when the protagonist of every story has many antagonistic forces against them, but they overcome and achieve their goal anyways. That is what these seniors are hoping for, and that is why these athletes are working so hard day after day because they just want to play games for the last time in highschool. Their senior season is “The Crown Jewel” they’ve been working their whole highschool career for, or even their whole life up to this point. So, will it be saved, or will it be shattered?