Westminster Welcomes New Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Kat Martin


Westminster Communications

Kat Martin instructs her new team during a drill in preseason practices.

Former SLU women’s assistant coach Kat Martin has stepped in as the new girls varsity basketball head coach. She’s maintained continuous optimism throughout the season and has already led her team to victory against St. Charles in the Troy tournament.

To start, Coach Martin has several goals and changes she plans to make during the season.

“Our theme for the season is ‘Be Fierce’, so it is my desire to see the team grow fiercely in their pursuit of excellence spiritually, academically, and athletically. To achieve accomplishments beyond what they believed possible,” said Martin. “Athletically, I would like to see us attain a 20 win season, place in the Viz tournament, and win the Wildcat Shootout.”

The previous coach, Shannon Lawrence, had to make the tough decision to step down after four years of coaching.

“Although I’m sad about leaving, I know that Coach Kat will do an amazing job this year. She has an incredibly sweet personality and has the experience under her belt to lead the team to success,” said Coach Lawrence.

Kat explained that the life of a college coach became too much for her, and she chose to come to Westminster due to a personal calling.

“Before I was called to Westminster I was called away from NCAA DI coaching. I felt a spiritual lift that my time in DI had come to an end and God was going to use my time and talents in other areas of ministry. I have been blessed throughout my playing and coaching career and the opportunity to serve as the new head coach at WCA allows me to honor God in a way I feel great peace and restoration. A task I am incredibly humbled and excited for,” said Martin.

Kat Martin also focuses a large part of her life on her faith and missionary work. She intertwines both of these aspects with her coaching style.

“I want coaching to be relational and ministry—to empower, lead, mentor, and foster female leadership through the game of basketball,” she said..

The girls basketball team has carried out this mission by participating in and leading a team devotion every Monday and Thursday. Coach Kat refers to these days of worship as “Motivation Monday” and “Thankful Thursday”.

Martin has been continually been very active and committed to her church\; she has devoted herself to driving two hours to Carbondale twice a week to attend. Kat has a strong, family-like bond with the leadership teams she’s involved in and members of her church.

Overall, Kat Martin has big plans for the girls basketball team this year. Her excitement is contagious and raises high hopes for the upcoming season.