Hoops for Heroes Was a Success


Mike Rohlfing

Jake Broyles and I sat in front of the Arena selling tickets to our raffles.

On Tuesday evening at the boys basketball home opener against Christian High, I held my Hoops for Heroes event to support Tiny Superheroes, a children’s charity that provides capes to children who are battling illnesses or disabilities.

The event was, all-in-all, a great success. The boys basketball team defeated Christian High by a score of 61-56, and we exceeded expectations of fundraising for the event.

The first raffle was a gift basket that included an array of gift cards, a blanket from the bookstore, and Blue Crew gear. The second raffle was for a chance to shoot a half-court shot and win free Cane’s chicken for six months.

Ten shooters were chosen for the half-court shootout. The fifth shooter, senior Macey Lottmann, splashed the shot on her first try to win the Cane’s prize. At the end of the third quarter, the winner of the raffle basket was announced. Senior Aiden Davitt walked away with the grand prize.

I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to put on this event. I planned Hoops for Heroes through my Faith in Action senior service project, which partnered me up with the Athletic Office and has been one of the greatest blessings of this school year for me.

 Through ticket sales for our raffles, we raised more than $660 to support Tiny Superheroes.

Special thanks to Mr. Horn, Mr. Brown, Coach Snyder, the WCA Bookstore, Pawprint Coffee, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Orf, Mrs. Davitt, and my parents for helping me put this event together.