Emily Griege is the Only Girl on the Westminster Hockey Team, But That’s Not a Problem for Her


Emily Griege

Emily Griege, who plays on an all-girls AAA Blues select team, is the only female hockey player at Westminster.

As just a freshman, Emily Griege is the only girl on the Westminster varsity hockey team.

She has played on the highest level club hockey team for girls, the AAA Blues, for four years and has traveled all over the United States and Canada to play against the top teams in her age group. Griege’s team is ranked in the top 15 in the country.

Although it seems like a difficult task to be the only girl on a boys’ varsity team, Griege is not phased. “Playing on the boys team isn’t as hard as people think. They don’t treat me any different because I am a girl, and they respect me as a teammate. I have played on many boys’ hockey teams, so I am used to it.”

However, her spot as starting goalie on the team is not set in stone. Griege has had to compete with Tommy Lee, sophomore, for the spot. The decision will most likely be determined a little later on in the season.

Griege has proven to be a strong leader on both her school and club teams. “I am great at communicating, and I love being a leader. I think this makes me a better goalie because I can challenge my team to be better and lead by example. I know that I can do this on any team,” she said.

Additionally, Griege has a unique work ethic that drives her toward success. “I love to work to achieve my goals. My favorite feeling is any sense of accomplishment no matter how small it might be. Sometimes that is just waking up on time and making my bed. I absolutely hate excuses, and I will always finish something that I start. I have always loved sports and had a drive to be better and better,” said Griege.

After two years of trying out different positions, she discovered her passion for being a goalie and has been committed to the position ever since.

Hockey has been a significant part of Griege’s life since she was four years old, and she doesn’t plan to stop playing anytime soon. She plans to continue her hockey career to the collegiate level after high school.

Unfortunately, Griege was not able to attend the first regular-season game because she was out of town, but she will certainly have more opportunities to display her talent in the future.