Set Apart Through Prayer: How the Girls Volleyball Team is Spreading the Gospel


Ben Knisley

The girls volleyball team gathers in prayer with their opponents after a match against St. Dominic High School on Oct. 23, 2019.

The girls volleyball team has set a prime example of how Westminster sports teams can be set apart from the rest. They have set the tradition of inviting the other team to join them in prayer after each game.

“First of all, win or lose we want to honor God for the blessing to be able to compete. Secondly, we want to pray for our opponents and show that although we compete on the court, we are unified in Christ. Finally, we may be offering some teams the only opportunity during their season to pray with their teammates,” said Bryndyn Crutcher, head coach.

Crutcher hopes to set the example for his players to be bold in professing their faith. He wants them to know that prayer matters, and it is not only a benefit for the other team but also for Westminster players.

“I love praying with the other team after the game because it reminds us that although we are opponents across the net, we are still sisters in Christ. It helps remind us that no matter who won or lost, we all play the game for the glory of God. The best part is when we play a public school and the players who want to pray join us and are able to share their faith with us. I think this is a great tradition, and it helps separate Westminster from all the other schools,” said Heidi Hightower, senior.

Crutcher explains that the leadership on the volleyball team has played a large part in honoring this tradition. “Many of the teams I have coached over the years have prayed with other teams, but it only works if it is something that the team wants to do, and finds value in. I have been very pleased with our athletes and their leadership. They understand the importance of our time in prayer together, as well as our time in prayer with our opponents.”

Surprisingly, very few teams have ever turned down the offer to pray after the game. Sometimes not all of the members choose to join in, but most of the time the opponent’s team leaders gather their team and participate.

The volleyball team has gone the extra mile to glorify God and influence other teams through their sport. This is the type of thing that Westminster wants to be known for, and a prime example of spreading the gospel outside of the Westminster bubble.