How FCA Is Bringing People Together


Tommy Briner

Students share laughs and dinner at an FCA meeting on a Tuesday evening.

FCA has become the hotspot for Westminster athletes to grow in their faith with Christ and in community with their peers.

“FCA serves to help student-athletes work through what it means to glorify God through whatever sport they play and to be an ambassador for Christ with the talents and abilities they have been given,” said Dan Petke, FCA director.

FCA, or Fellowship of Christian Athletes, takes place every Tuesday night and is led by students. Participants can enjoy free food as well as a small group discussion that challenges and develops their faith. Various Westminster families volunteer to host the meetings, so most weeks it takes place at a different house. 

Hosting FCA in our home allows us to meet many of the student-athletes of WCA. It is a great opportunity for athletes of different sports to interact,” said Ann Mabry, two-year hostess and mother of Westminster athletes.

“I have grown in my faith a lot since I started going to FCA. I’ve learned how to not be tempted by peer pressure and how to think about my actions before doing them,” said Jamie Obertop, freshman varsity field hockey player and regular attendee.

FCA is not only a Westminster program but is also an international non-profit organization. It was founded in 1954 by Don McClanen in Kansas City, Missouri. FCA’s vision is “to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes,” and their mission is “to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.” The organization aspires to maintain these statements through its values of integrity, service, teamwork, and excellence.

For many people at Westminster, two of the most important aspects of their lives are Jesus Christ and athletics. As a coach, my mission field is the baseball and softball field. Playing Westminster could be the only encounter a member of the opposing team might have with Jesus, and we take that very seriously at WCA. There is a reason God has gifted us with athletic abilities, to glorify Him and further His Kingdom,” said Petke when asked why FCA was brought to Westminster.

Although some may think that high school teenagers are not fit to be in charge of such a program, Petke disagrees: “There is a lot of wisdom among Westminster students, and being able to witness students encouraging, challenging, and holding one another accountable is an incredible privilege.” 

Many students have stepped up and taken on leadership roles within FCA. 

I became an FCA leader because I really respected the leaders last year and wanted to follow in their footsteps and because I found a fun and caring community in FCA,” said current leader and senior Aiden Davitt. 

Overall, Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been a widely beneficial program for the Westminster student body. All student-athletes are strongly encouraged to attend. It is a unique opportunity for these athletes to expand their relationship with God and others and to learn how to shine His light on and off the sports stage.