The Legion of Ben: Six Football Players Who Share the Same Name Are Making a Big Impact


Aiden Penberthy

The Wildcats run out through the banner before their game against Lutheran North.

There is a group of men walking the halls at 800 Maryville Centre Drive that rivals a group of local D-list celebrities. They range in stature from six foot six monsters to five foot ten speedsters. They come from former NFL players all the way to financial advisors. When put together, they create an all-male force unseen in St. Louis since One Direction rolled into town on Aug. 24, 2014. Although this group does not have the same level of fame, they have the level of swagger and skill to put themselves on the map. This is the Legion of Ben.
We will go one by one introducing all of the members and what they bring to the squadron. First, we bring out the big, bad offensive lineman. The Yale Bulldog commit has held this line together to keep QB Lane Davis healthy all year. The son of former NFL lineman of the same name, Bennie Anderson is the largest man in the Legion. Bennie can be seen saying hello to every person he sees in the hallway, and he appears to be more of a gentle giant. But as Cage the Elephant once said, there “Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked.” Come game time, a different animal is unleashed, and there are no friends on the football field.
Checking in second on the list is the youngest of the pack. Playing in his first varsity season as cornerback and wide receiver, he is learning on the fly and making a contribution to the team in his sophomore year. This Ben, of the Broadhurst clan, has followed the Avicii school of thought, taking his game to new levels this season. The young man is being groomed by his older teammates in the Legion.
The third Ben on our list is somewhat of a newcomer himself, transferring to the Academy to begin his junior season. The most physically imposing figure in the Legion brings a different kind of sandpaper-like workmanship. This Ben has family ties across the world in the beautiful country of Romania. Ben Chereji plays tight end and defensive line with ferocity all opponents fear. He brings size, confidence, and a whole lot of laughter to the Legion.
The next man in the Legion of Ben has been dominant on both sides of the ball this year playing at receiver and cornerback. He possesses a speed unseen since that of someone who shares his last name escaping an alligator attack in the swamps of Florida. Having a spot on the field on nearly every play, he plays an integral role in his senior season. Ben has aspirations like those of Queen at the beginning of every play, and he has been heard saying how he wants to break free for a score. Although not as large as the aforementioned Anderson and Chereji, Ben Hicks is a very big asset for the Legion.
The fifth member of the Legion is only in his first football season. This athletic specimen just plainly and simply loves hitting people. Playing safety and receiver, this Ben is involved in every snap. He walks the halls making everyone laugh and making sure no moment is ever dull. He is a great team guy and even though his name sounds like the city, he has no connections to Paris. Ben Parres brings moxy, grit, and life to the Legion.
The final man on the list brings the class and makes sure everybody gets to, as Jameis Winston once said, “eat a W,” on gameday. A reminder to visit his family business for dinner at the end of every third quarter has become part of the Westminster gameday experience. This Ben brings finesse on offense and defense as a running back, receiver, and safety. He, as Kygo once said, “Stole the Show” with highlight play after highlight play in the first few weeks of the season. He leads the team in many statistical categories including visits to Straub’s per week at an unprecedented rate. Ben Straub brings the edge and skill to the Legion.
The Legion of Ben is one that opponents of all walks of life should fear. As a part of this team’s core, the Legion looks to take the momentum from the Town and Country Cup victory as well as the Homecoming victory into the second half of the season and make noise on a regional stage. The Legion is a close group that when all their powers are combined, can make serious waves in the St. Louis football landscape. Watch out for the Legion of Ben to be making a stop at a stadium near you this fall.