MICDS Preview


Pearson Georges

Ben Hicks tosses the ball to the referee after a long touchdown against Lutheran South.

Dearest Westminster,

It was an honor to see you all back at 800 Maryville Centre Drive for this “come homing” weekend. Our men fended off the Lancer attack with ease, but I fear a much larger foe is looming in the near future. Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School has a solid record in battles to date, although they’re currently retreating from a losing battle to the men of Lutheran North.

Now is no time to cower, yet one to press mightily to continue our march across our region standing up to all evils. Electricity was not factored into Camp MICDS’s newly built fort, so an attack at night may not be possible. The attack will be carried out at 1300 hours on the seventh day of this week.

General Herring has led the men to two consecutive victories with the help of men all throughout the battalion. Capt. Davis has played a big role in this whole campaign, slinging the pigskin all across the yard for nearly 1000 yards and 14 touchdowns this season. The receiving/defensive back corp of Capt. Hicks, Capt. Parres, and Capt. Straub have all stepped up in the attack and defense.

The time for talk is long gone, the only thing we can do now is fight to continue to push towards our goal. Rumors are swirling that we could see these Rams yet again in the playoffs, so as it stands, this game will be big in determining lots for postseason play. The Town and Country titans currently rank fifth in the district with Camp MICDS ranked fourth. A win for the good guys would get them within one game of the number three seed.

The Town and Country Cup victory is looking to propel the group into winning ways. As every good man knows, it is not how you start, rather how you finish. The weather is getting progressively cooler, and the importance of winning only gets higher. Wars are won and lost in autumn, and now is the time to put hearts on the line and sacrifice everything for the Town and Country.

With love,

800 Sporting