WCA’s Volleyball Prodigy


Evan Harris

In Ft. Lauderdale, Harris reaches out to keep the ball alive.

While other Westminster students were enjoying their summer vacation, Evan Harris was playing volleyball in Fort Lauderdale for Team USA. He was selected for the second tier of the United States Volleyball Boys Select Continental Training Program (USAVB), a team that is created for the areas of the country that do not put together a team for the High Performance Championships. Nevertheless to be numbered as one of the top volleyball players in America is a great honor and opportunity. Ultimately, Harris was able to go head to head in tight, tough competition against some of the best youth volleyball teams from around the world.

When describing his experience with Team USA, Harris recalled, “I’m coming up on my 9th year of playing volleyball, and this year was my 2nd year playing for Team USA. […] [This year] went pretty well […] We were able to bring a lot of strong teams like New Zealands top team to five sets.”

Clearly, Evan Harris is a volleyball prodigy and has a knack for the game, but what really makes him so special? What makes him better than most of the players around the country?

In explaining what separates him for other players, Evan Harris claimed, “I think something that sets me apart from people is trying to get lots of touches. These touches, although they can get pretty boring at times, are crucial because they help build muscle memory.”

In volleyball, having the ability to consistently and accurately bump and set the ball is vital. Since his freshman year, Evan Harris has used his special skill set to impact the boys varsity team at Westminster.

For example, the boys volleyball coach, Bryndyn Crutcher, spoke to Evans unique talent, saying, “To make him better than other players, Evan Harris relies on his hours preparation and training. Through this hard work, he aims to continue to compete at a high level after high school. However, as he goes through the recruiting process, he is trusting God to lead him in the right direction.”

For instance, when Evan was asked his hopes for the future, he responded, “I’m wanting to be able to play Division 1 or 2 in college, and Ive already started the process. Now, its just a matter of what God wants for my life.”

Along with defensive minded Evan Harris, the team has a lot of other talent including, Mason Andrasko, senior, the key to WCAs offense. With a multitude of strong and skilled players in every aspect of the game, the team is set to have a successful season this spring.

When he spoke to the potential the volleyball team has this year, he said, “I think if we put in some more work at the beginning of the season and get some off season touches, we have a decent chance of making it to the State tournament.” This is due in part to how a majority of the team this coming year will have played since freshman year.

No matter how the future plays out, Evan Harris will continue to give his best effort everyday striving to make the most of his God-given gifts and talents. With Evans contributions, the boys volleyball team definitely will be a powerhouse this year and the next.