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At the Wrestling State tournament, senior Alex Hopkins finished off an undefeated, 35-0 season with a State Championship win. While you may know how he won state, his journey to get there is not as well known.

Alex worked hard during his early high school career, working his way onto the JV team by his freshman year. By all accounts Hopkins was destined to be an average wrestler. However, with his tireless work ethic and dedication, Hopkins worked his way to a varsity spot his sophomore year.

While he was toiling on JV, his future state championship opponent was standing on the podium at Mizzou Arena. “The semi-final was huge. The guy I wrestled medaled his freshman and sophomore year, so whoever won was the favorite to win the State title”, said Hopkins.

The state title continues the Westminster Wrestling tradition started by the likes of O’Rion Ross and Bennett Lewis. Hopkins hopes that his victory will continue the legacy left by those before him.

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