Unsung Heroes: The Chain Gang

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10 yards, 30 feet, 360 inches,  9,144 millimeters. It may be a short distance, but in football it is all that’s important. Short as it may be, someone has to measure it; and measure it well. In football, the men and women challenged with this important task are known as The Chain Gang. Football sidelines from pewee ball to the pros have them. On Westminster’s sideline, the hallowed holders of the chains are none other than Biology teacher Warren Smith and APUSH teacher Howard Warren. The Sporting WCA staff had the privilege of interviewing these unsung heroes in order to catch a glimpse into the life of the Chain Gang.

How long have you been on the chain gang?

Warren- “4 years”

Smith- “2 or 3 years”

What is your favorite part of the chain gang?

Warren-”Hitting Mr. Smith with the orange stick. I have to be there to make up for his incompetence (laughs). I love football and enjoy being close the action. It is also nice to get to see my students up close when they play.”

Smith-”My favorite part is being so close to the game and getting to hear what the coaches are saying. I feel like a fly on the wall. You will get to hear coaches say things to their players and not notice you. Also, most of the opposing teams lose to WCA, so I get to hear opposing coaches say things I’m not supposed to hear (laughs).”


What is your favorite story from working the Chain Gang?

Warren- “Being on the sideline for the Burroughs win was awesome”

Smith- “My favorite story is when I accidentally hit an opposing coach in the head with my box. (Laughs) He was on my line I couldn’t help it”


Who’s your favorite person to be with on the sideline?

Warren- “I like to be there with Jim (Marsh) because I like to mess with him. I tease him for making mistakes and things like that. It’s fun to yank his chain. (Laughs) Pun intended.”

Smith- “It doesn’t really matter who it is, it is just fun to be with people I know. Mr. Marsh, Dr. Holley, Mr. Warren; we all have a love for athletics so we enjoy ourselves”


Have you ever been injured while working the chains?

Warren- “No, but I have had to jump out of the way a few times”

Smith-”I haven’t  because I have reflexes like a cat. My friends call me whiskers”

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