Weighting Game

A new goal has been achieved in the strength and conditioning program at Westminster Christian Academy, as more girls filled the weight room than boys. A place once associated strictly for male athletes is being broadened. A consistent amount of girls participate daily.
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 3:15 to 5:00 students can participate in the strength and conditioning program. The upper school program is athletic specific and targets components of all sports. The basis of the program is centered on athletic pillar number eight, which states, “We will grow and improve in and out of season…getting better demands hard work.”
Dave Schall, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, has been running the after school strength and conditioning program from the beginning, four years ago. He assists students in teaching them the proper technique to ensure safety, which is key to properly working out.
“My goal for each student is to reach his or her maximum potential in all aspects of sports: speed, agility, strength, power, balance, flexibility, and coordination,” said Schall.
Various students use the weight room during an off-season. Now joining the weight room for the first time ever is the varsity dance team, which adds more variety and further quenches the stereotype that only football players work out.
“In the future it would be great to see boys and girls from every sport in here. Even if a student isn’t in a sport, this should be a place for everyone to belong,” said Schall.
Finally an even flow of girls is coming to work out, the bar clearly has been raised. Along with the varsity dance team, seniors Rachael Aucker, Adrienne Boyd, Sarah Fleming, and Emily Sherman faithfully work out each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. After the initial intimidating factor of walking in, girls can join, learn, and perform the same exercise as boys.
“At first it was so intimidating because everyone knew exactly what to do and we were clueless, but Coach Schall was really patient in working with us. He is still working with us as a team and individually to teach us proper technique. We can all feel a difference in our abilities already,” said Leisha Ritter.
The high amount of girls joining the program is a step forward into the future of the strength and conditioning program. Girls can participate with the boys in weight lifting and make a difference in their athletic performance.
“It’s encouraging when the other guys in the weight room tell us that they are impressed that we are in there, even though we’re still lifting some light weights, they’ve actually been pretty accepting of us,” said Ritter.