Seniors Ready to Attack

For three years, the three-headed beast has been growing on the soccer field at Westminster. Everyday the monster is getting bigger, faster, stronger and becoming a force to be reckoned with in the St. Louis area. But at long last, Connor Hunsicker, Jake Grimes and Matt Hudnut, seniors are ready lead the Wildcat soccer team to the top.
Ten months ago, the Wildcats fell in a heartbreaking 2-0 match to MICDS, a team they had previously handled during the regular season, in the second round of the Missouri State playoffs. Hunsicker, who was in the top five in scoring in the area with 20 goals last years as a junior, spent the entire summer making sure Westminster’s playoff loss would be avenged this year come early November.
Hudnut allowed the late season loss to become motivation over the summer. “Loosing the game was a huge disappointment, but is serves as motivation for the summer, because all summer when you are working out and playing club, the loss sits in the back of your mind,” Said Hudnut.
Hudnut, who has been playing soccer since the young age of 5 knows this may be his last year to play the game he has grown up with. With that in mind, he knows that this year is the last chance for him to take his team deep into the playoffs.
“Being a senior is both a positive and negative thing. It’s exciting because this is the year we are the best and make the most plays, but at the same time, were done after this year, and we have no room for error,” said Hudnut.
All three seniors have been with the team since their freshman year. And with experience in the program comes struggles. Struggles like losing to Ladue in the district finals in overtime as young, undersized freshmen, and a year later failing to make the playoffs because of a close loss to Burroughs in the last game of the season.
“With being a senior, there is a ton of pressure, because since we are one of the best teams Westminster has had, there are huge expectations. Anything but the best would be considered a failure,” said Hunsicker.
Dan Legters, head coach, who may know the boys better than anyone, understands exactly what this season means for his three seniors.
“It is really fun to see these guys grow up and mature little by little. I have really gotten to know them as people and players. The fun part of it is just to have a front row seat and watching these guys compete and grow year after year,” said Legters
Though each of the three captains are in sync on the field, each has a completely different style and personality.
“All three are great competitors, and hate to loose,” said Legters about his three seniors. Grimes, a forward and midfielder is a quiet strong leader with tons of Westminster soccer experience. Grimes, who can set up amazing goals with his fantastic passing skills, finished last year with 11 assists, making it very easy for other forwards like Hunsicker to put the ball in the net at an alarming rate of almost one goal a game. Hunsicker, the vocal leader of the team, is a solid athlete on the field who can threaten to score at any time.
“Connor is just a smooth, elegant player who has a knack for scoring,” Said Hudnut. Hudnut himself is a competitive player who plays 100 miles per hour.
“Hudnut is a pit bull on the field. He stalks his pray all game and rips them apart. He plays like he’s on crack,” said Hunsicker of his fiery teammate.
With the strong returning talent on the team, the Wildcats have set their sights high this year.
“The goal this year is to win the first ever Westminster soccer district championship,” said Legters. “These kids know what it is like to be in a district final game (three years ago) at Ladue. And we are confident that we can make a strong run this year,” said Legters
Regardless of where the Westminster soccer team will go this year, everyone can be sure that the three headed beast of Hunsicker, Grimes and Hudnut will be leading the way for the Wildcats.