Mysterious Wonder of the World

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Led by Jordan Vitiello and Alec Bequette, the sophomore art board planned to depict the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in accordance with this years art board theme of wonders of the world. Although interestingly enough, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon is the only Wonder of the World whose location has not been identified. The sophomores decided on the idea because they knew they would have a unique idea and they could add all kinds of colors with different flowers on the board. They thought they could catch the judges’ eyes with the creativity of their idea and their board.

“We lost so much time because of the assembly at the end,” Alec Bequette, sophomore.

Every team was in crunch time considering the large amount of work needed to be done in the limited amount of time allowed. Alec still believed his team will get finished despite losing a considerable amount of time after school. The 10th grade’s artboard consists of lots of pomping that takes tedious work. They got creative with creating a river out of a light blue plastic tarp that forms a waterfall around the building at the center of their board.

Despite the lost time, the sophomores were able to finish with a board that had a great chance of upsetting either the juniors or seniors. Leader Alec Bequette believed his grade’s art board would be good enough to get at least a third place finish and maybe do even better.