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Lauren Bohlmann
What does broadcast mean to you? Broadcast means a lot to me. I first got into Broadcast with a lot of influence from my older sister. Growing up, we would always film and produce TV shows, music videos, and movies. The Broadcast class has provided me with many useful skills and I hope to continue my Digital Media journey through college.

What are your interests? I have been a dancer ever since I can remember. I am the captain of Westminster's Varsity Dance Team and also compete on a team outside of school. I enjoy editing videos - my favorite type of videos to edit are hype videos. I am also a big fan of music and enjoy finding new songs and genres.

What is your favorite quote?  "Prove them wrong"

What did you want to be when you were 5? When I was 5, I definitely wanted to be a rock star. My dad was in a band and I loved watching them perform on stage. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with ANY music talents whatsoever.

What are three little things that brighten your day? Talking to my friends, helping someone out, and waking up with my hair already straightened (haha).

Lauren Bohlmann, Broadcast 2

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Lauren Bohlmann