The Wildcat Roar

Anagi Pieris
What does journalism mean to you? 

Journalism means spreading ideas and informing the general public of current events in a way that is engaging, in-depth, and thought-provoking.

What are your interests? 

I like to hike and bake treats with my family

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is “You have to walk before you can run”

What did you want to be when you were 5? 

I probably wanted to be the President of the United States ever since I heard it was the ‘highest office in the land’ and the ‘most important job of all.’

What are three little things that brighten your day? 

I love seeing rainbows after a downpour, hearing the squeaking of shoes inside the halls of Westminster, and the smell outside after a rain.

Anagi Pieris, Staff Writer

Oct 14, 2020
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The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy
Anagi Pieris