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Isabella Francois
What does journalism mean to you? Journalism is a way to use my voice to share the truth. I believe that at its core journalism is the pursuit of the truth and therefore everything that is produced by our organization should reflect that ideal. As a profession, journalism is reaching a crossroads, to either do what is right or to do what is easy. That is why I believe student journalism is so important, because it equips the next generation to lead the profession of journalism down the right path.

What are your interests? I (obviously) love journalism and practically live in the newspaper room but other than that I run cross country and track and also compete on the swim team. Outside of school and sports, I love politics and love to read about political history as well as about basically anything else. I also am a self-described iced coffee aficionado so you usually can find me at Kaldis or another coffee shop. When I'm not at school, sports, or Kaldis, you might find me racing go carts or riding atvs, and probably driving way too fast doing either.

What is your favorite quote? "Find your voice and say something significant" -Scott Vonderbruegge (aka our wonderful advisor)

What did you want to be when you were 5? I wanted to be a professional soccer player, but clearly that did not work out. Freshman year I realized I only liked the running part of soccer and so I joined the cross country team and haven't looked back since. But, I still love soccer and will debate anyone who believes that Messi is better than Ronaldo because they are wrong!

What are three little things that brighten your day? sunsets, the color yellow, a really good iced coffee

Isabella Francois, Managing Editor in Chief

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