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Let’s Start Over

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Hello friends. Welcome to issue one of the Wildcat Roar. This year, the Roar has an all new team of editors and staff writers, and we are ready for everything that this year has in store for us. Ever since the beginning of the Wildcat Roar, the way things work has remained virtually unchanged. Over the past five years, however, change has begun. First, we developed an online edition of the Roar. Next, our print issue went from a newspaper to a newsmagazine. With our most recent change, the Roar now has a presence on social media. With our Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, this year the Roar is stepping into new territory. Not only that, but this year we are changing the entire dynamic of the staff. We are striving to be a staff that is constantly collaborating and creating new content for our readers.

Starting over is usually hard, but with new beginnings comes an opportunity for growth and improvements. This year we are going to work harder than we ever have before to add value to what we do, and we hope you do the same. Just like us, this could be your year to have a new beginning. Sure, change is scary, but we have hope that it’s all going to be worth it. So, let’s all make 2016 the year we work harder than we ever have before in order to do something that truly matters. Let’s work to change our community for the better.

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Let’s Start Over