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Even at a Christian school, not everyone believes the same thing.

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Two weeks ago, the newspaper staff spent half of a class period brainstorming questions for the upcoming questions chapel. With the discussion of race relations and minority groups at Westminster, the Newspaper class decided that we should extend this discussion past race relations to include the religious minority groups at Westminster. While Westminster does function as a Christian school and therefore the curriculum is geared as such, the fact of the matter is that not every student who attends Westminster has adopted their parents’ faith. So, the question we decided to submit was, “How does Westminster avoid isolating non-Christians in a primarily Christian community?”

How does Westminster avoid isolating non-Christians in a primary Christian community?”

We were surprised to hear that our question was selected for the chapel, and tuned in, excited that a topic we assumed would be left uncovered was finally being touched upon. However, the responses we heard were not exactly what we were looking for, or what we expected. Those on the panel covered why we should treat non-christians at Westminster with love, yet how the school goes about doing that was not mentioned. As a class full of students who have all grown up in primarily Christian households, we understand that paying mind to non-Christians tends to be overlooked considering our families are paying for a Christian education. That being said, we were still a little taken aback and maybe even a little disappointed at the lack of experience with the topic the school had with the topic, leaving it practically untouched.

The newspaper staff estimated that only 30-50% of Westminster students are active participants in their faith. Within that leftover 50-70%, it is probably safe to say that there is a percentage of students who are not Christians at all. So what is Westminster doing to avoid excluding or isolating them? How does someone go to a school like Westminster and function as a person who does not follow the faith that the entire school is centered around. We’d like to try and find out what that means. If you would like to have your voice heard on the topic of this issue, please send in an anonymous letter to the editor. We would love to shed some light on the non-Christian community at Westminster without disclosing any private/personal information.

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Let’s Be A Community