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Let’s Be Fair

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The phrase “listen before you speak,” is pretty well known amongst most of us, even almost overused. Yet the phrase couldn’t be more relevant to the problems surrounding our culture today.

With so many issues keeping our country on its toes, such as equality movements, the most dramatic presidential election probably ever, and now a natural disaster, it’s easy for us to make snap judgements and start spouting off about our opinions. Today it seems like everyone has an opinion, and everyone wants to be heard.

However, with everyone vying to get their say in, it seems like we often forget to actually make sure others are being heard, too. It is impossible to truly know and understand each other as well as where someone is coming from unless we actually make the effort to hear them out. So, in the wake of all the drama that seems to be encompassing our country today, let’s make an effort to listen to each other and express a true desire to understand each other.

Let’s make an effort to listen to each other and express a true desire to understand each other.”

Here at the Wildcat Roar, we are a community of so many different opinions. And honestly, we wouldn’t want it any other way. The daily debates between editors make our stories better and our opinions stronger. Without differing opinions in a community, there is no growth.

Communities composed of similar opinions do not progress or change for the better. But the key to having a productive and diverse community is respect. Without respect, people won’t feel that they’re opinions will truly be heard.

While the newspaper staff is full of diverse opinions, this is not quite reflected in the views of Westminster community. So, when one of your fellow classmates expresses an opinion different than you in class, don’t shut them down, listen. You don’t have to agree with them, but if you don’t listen you miss an opportunity to grow in your own opinions while also understanding someone different than yourself.

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Let’s Be Fair