A Proper Debate or a Mistake?

this election’s presidential debate shook the foundation of America.


emma smith

the debate at the beginning of ctober recap.

The presidential debate was an embarrassment to America. Republicans were so ashamed at Trump’s actions that they went so far as to say Biden won. Some pointed out that Biden couldn’t defend himself against some of Trump’s points, and others could not find a winner to come out of the nonsense that occurred. 

Unlike the argument our candidates had, a Debate is defined as a formal discussion where opposing arguments are put forward. Each candidate states their argument and then they have a chance to rebut. The rebuttal should be respectful and relate to the argument. It should not be a direct insult to the opponent. 

When Donald Trump and Joe Biden got up on the stage, a debate that somehow went even worse than expected. Democrats and Republicans were ready to support their candidate no matter how poorly they did. 

That all changed when the debate began and the candidates opened their mouths- or rather when they wouldn’t close their mouths. It was impossible to follow the conversation. Both candidates were attempting to talk over the other one, and neither was able to make a clear argument. Both were too busy insulting each other. As a result of all the yelling and speaking all at once the subtitles were a complete mess. America was not prepared for the insanity that they were about to experience.

Trump supporters everywhere struggled to find a way to make Trump’s poor choices and abrasive debating style seem better. At one point, he went so far as to insult Biden’s family. If that was not bad enough, he refused to speak about white supremacy. Many Americans described him as childish. Biden neglected to respond to many points and barely talked about his own ideas. However, He made a point to bring up Trump’s negligence with the coronavirus. 

Biden states “I’m running as a Democrat but I’m going to be everyone’s president”. Despite this many republicans struggled to support him. Biden’s childish behavior was as inexcusable as Trump’s, and his nervous demeanor made him no obvious winner.

Biden lacked confidence throughout the debate. Unlike his opponent, he was too nervous to speak his mind. Trump displayed confidence to a fault, but he seemed unable to hear any voice but his own. 

The debate itself accomplished nothing, but there were high hopes for the Vice President debate, which was much more civilized and proper.

The next presidential debate, which Trump has declined to attend, is supposed to be held virtually. Maybe he declined because he didn’t want to be put on mute.