Maggie Lindstrom

Due to quarantine, Maggie now understands a little bit of how her cats feel.

COVID-19 Chronicles: Maggie

Back in 2008, my family and I adopted two black cats. When we adopted them, we had to sign a contract with the pet store saying we were not going to let them outside. Black cats are sometimes associated with witchcraft, so the pet store was considered for the cats safety. As of Monday of this week when St. Louis declared the city and the county on lockdown, I now don’t have to wonder what it’s like to be one of my cats. Until now, I had always thought “I wonder what it is like to be a cat,” and of course “do they like staying inside?” Now, of course, I am not bound inside forever, and I can go walk outside. But it is kind of exciting to be at home and think about how much life has changed. I now understand my cats and appreciate them so much more; they are chained to the walls of my house never getting to know what is out there. This has really put more into perspective for me since I can live and walk outside. Being at home is tiring at points, but at the same time when I get to leave I am so much more excited to see the outside world. This crazy time has not been easy, but it is a change of pace which I think I needed. As I now look around me, I see my family at home and people working outside and the sun shining. I really understand what it is like to be my cat. I hope they don’t hate me too much for making them stay inside. Through these times I have enjoyed being able to clean and create a comfortable area for me to do my homework. I also have enjoyed going outside. Sometimes a change of pace is good, and even though these times are very difficult there is still good to come out of them. I for one am happy to know how my cats feel. It is really about the angle you look at something. So, what is your angle?

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