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A New Job, Not Retirement, Up Next For Jim Marsh

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When one thinks of Westminster it is hard to help but picture Jim Marsh, head of school, walking the halls or collecting trinkets from seniors as they walk across the stage at graduation. But next year he will move on from Westminster to become the Director of the Van Lunen Center.

The Van Lunen Center teaches and mentors heads of Christian schools in the management aspects of what it takes to lead their schools.

“The mission of the Van Lunen Center is to provide world-class executive management education essential to the future of schools based on the historic Christian faith. Our vision includes robust, flourishing networks of Christian schools led by individuals who are dynamic executives and model management from a faith perspective” according to the Van Lunen Center website.

The fact that The Van Lunen Center chose Marsh as the director speaks very highly about his character. He will be the third Director of the center when current interim Director Dr. Bruce Hekman steps down at the end of June. The Van  Lunen Center is headquartered at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Marsh will be an adjunct professor at Calvin. However, he will be leading the Center remotely from St. Louis.

Marsh will play a pivotal role in many peoples lives as he will be influencing not only the headmasters of Christian schools directly but all of the faculty and students that these headmasters will lead in turn.

On top of Marsh’s job at The Van Lunen Center he will be assisting Dr. Tom Stoner in the  transition into his position as the head of school here at Westminster. This does in fact mean that Marsh will still spend some time at WCA. Marsh looks forward to his grandchildren starting at Westminster and he hopes to remain an active member of the WCA community

“I do not consider myself to be retiring. I plan to continue working and serving the cause of Christian education in whatever way God leads and guides,” said Marsh.

Marsh believes that God is pointing him in a new direction and it is time to give up being the head of school and pass the baton to somebody else who can carry Westminster into the future.

“God has provided me with 28 wonderful years as Head of School at WCA. My heart will always be with WCA and I plan to continue to be an active member of the WCA community for many years to come,” said Marsh.

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The School Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy
A New Job, Not Retirement, Up Next For Jim Marsh