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When Was The Last Time You...Held A Baby?

When Was The Last Time You…Held A Baby?

Anagi Pieris, Staff Writer February 6, 2021

In some countries, the orphanages are strategically placed within a retirement home for the elderly. This is a perfect solution because the feeble in years are really just parents whose children have all...

what I wear when I run.

what I wear when I run.

Emma Smith, Staff Writer February 6, 2021

So what type of hats and gloves do I use? As far as hats go a regular winter hat should work, something like a balaclava. Or I don't want to wear a hat, placing a large headband over my ears usually does...


Edgar Allen Poe, Elliot Smith, & A Great Beautiful Melancholy

Emma Harris, Content Editor February 6, 2021

Melancholy is beautiful, and it seems most every poet is attracted to the dismal, passionate, dreamy, musical, lonely personality of it. The infatuation for sadness and melancholy has been present in poetry...

Running Proves the Power of Patience

Running Proves the Power of Patience

Colin Ring, Staff Writer February 6, 2021

No one can expect to become extremely fast after only a week of training. Running requires perseverance (see post #4) through obstacles, but perseverance also requires a runner to “trust the process.” ...


How to buy a reliable used car

CJ Francois, Staff Writer February 6, 2021

Buying a car is very important, but how do you know if you’re buying a reliable car that is used? With these tips, you’ll know if you’re buying a reliable used car. It’s important that you go to...

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Gus Duda, Staff Writer February 6, 2021

Last week on Gus’ Guide to Peak Performance we discussed pre-workout. This week I will be discussing the topic of micronutrients.  Although commonly looked past, micronutrients are a crucial part...


The nines battle against merging personalities.

Margaret Briner, Co-Editor of Sporting February 5, 2021

In addition to the nines habit of merging their opinions with others, nines will go as far as merge their personalities with people around them. For as long as I can remember, my handwriting changed...


Digital Art: Yay or Nay?

Moorea Atkins, Staff Writer February 4, 2021

There are people out there who say that digital art is ‘not real art,’ for reasons that I do not understand. I for one, love using my iPad to draw because digital art opens a whole new world of possibilities...


Packing for Vacation 101: Physically and Mentally

Ellie Jones, Staff Writer February 4, 2021

Everyone has their specific packing necessities and desires while in preparation for a trip. How many clothes should I bring? What kind of clothes? Will the nighttime be warm or chilly? Should I pack a...


Man Up part 2

Nolan Jones, Staff Writer February 2, 2021

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.” Rosevelt is saying that the credit does not belong to...


If God is good, then why do we suffer?

Kaitlyn Butler, Staff Writer February 2, 2021

This age-old question is often posed to argue against the existence of God. What I have learned, however, is that suffering more plausibly points to the very necessity of His existence. Yes, I have only...


Running Teaches The Power Of Perseverance

Colin Ring, Staff Writer January 28, 2021

As I have previously alluded to, running teaches young men and women the value of hard work (See blog post #3). Going hand–in–hand with working hard is having to fight through difficult circumstances...

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