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What is Life, Exactly?

Kaitlyn Butler, Staff Writer December 18, 2020
The following are three ways I can best navigate my life:

Portraiture done easy!

Moorea Atkins, Staff Writer December 18, 2020

Drawing portraits can be really hard.  I mean, think about it! You have to sketch everything out very carefully, pay very close attention to your proportions, then figure out how the shadows change...

“I Feel God’s Pleasure When I Run”

Colin Ring, Staff Writer December 18, 2020

Oftentimes, when I tell people I run Cross Country I am met with an incredulous look and some form of the inevitable question: “Why do you do that to yourself?” Running is too often used as a punishment...

Take-Aways From Online Schooling

Take-Aways From Online Schooling

Anagi Pieris, Staff Writer December 18, 2020

If you don’t like having to wake up for school so early, online school is the solution! Since the commune to and from school is eliminated, students suddenly find themselves with a lot more time on their...

Flipper's Photos... the beginning

Flipper’s Photos… the beginning

Benjamin Knisley, Staff Writer December 18, 2020

The topic is photography in the impact of the timing and the angle. It really is all about your connections and if you can get into games. Usually you want to get into games early during warmups. That’s...


How To Boat Safely

CJ Francois, Staff Writer December 18, 2020

Boating may sound hard and something that takes years of experience to do, but it’s actually very easy to do. The number one rule to boating is to always have a plan. While boating on a lake may not...

Simple Ways to Sleep Better

Simple Ways to Sleep Better

Andrew Cahill, Staff Writer December 17, 2020

Sleep is a very important aspect of life. I learned that it is very important that during the day you eat healthily and exercise. By limiting your caffeine, you are able to fall asleep faster. Caffeine...


Great opportunity requires sacrifice.

Ellie Jones, Staff Writer December 17, 2020

To be able to travel around the world is one of the greatest opportunities. However, it is not an opportunity to be wasted, make the most of it and do the most you can do. Growing up with extremely hardworking...

The Back story.

The Back story.

Maggie Lindstrom, Managing Editor In Chief December 17, 2020

When I was ten years old my sister, who was eighteen at the time, began to watch the fairly popular tv show Gilmore Girls. I did not know at the time or understand the significance of this new discovery...


Finding Your Enneagram Type

Margaret Briner, Sports Editor December 16, 2020

The enneagram is a complex personality test that in recent years has become very popular. There are nine personality types, one through nine. Each type has distinct attributes and core fears and desires....

Psalm For You

Psalm For You

Anagi Pieris, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

I read this Bible verse, Psalm 103, the other day and found it very encouraging as it has to do with daily life as a student at a private Christian high school. I hope it also encourages you. Praise the Lord, my...



Gus Duda, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

In this blog I will give my two cents on weight lifting, nutrition, and supplements based on personal research and experience. I will also attempt to debunk many myths about living a healthy lifestyle.  Creatine...

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