The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

emma smith

Favorite Place to Run

So where do I like to run? It depends a lot on what type of run I’m planning on going on. If i want to go on an easy run(3 to 4 miles) I normally just run in my neighborhood. If I run in my neighborhood I can conveniently start and end at my house. That way I don’t have to waste time driving somewhere. If I am going on a longer run(5 to 6 miles) I like to go to forest park. It’s close to my house, and has plenty of different paths to run on. That way i can change up the path every now and then so that i don’t get bored of running the same course. If I’m planning on a harder run I go to Queeny park. Queeny has lots of hills so it’s ideal for getting in a workout. All of these places are close to my house so it’s an easy commute. That way if i’m having a busy day, and have limited free time I don’t have far to travel. I love that st.louis has so many parks, and suggest that all runners find a park near them that they like. 

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