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I’m No Rory Gilmore.

When writing these blogs, I had to figure out how I was going to personally connect them. So I figured finding attributes of Lorelei and Rory  in myself would not be so hard. I was very very wrong, I am far from being a Rory Gilmore. I could be a Lorelei in my sense of independence and wanting to build my own path, but that is about it that connects me to Lorelei. What I have found from rewatching Gilmore girls from start to finish for the trillionth time now, is I am a Paris Geller. Now we have not spoken of Paris, but she is one of the most seen side characters. Paris goes to chilton and Yale with Rory and is one of Rory’s best friends, even though they have a lot of ups and downs they both always come back around to each other. But Paris’ sense of loyalty isn’t what made me connect myself to her. Paris is a very dynamic character, she likes to be in control, and is constantly forcing her ideas on others, and not to mention her know it all tendencies and anxious personality. But she is one of the most determined and boss like women on the show. She couldn’t care less about fashion and the ability to socialize perfectly with everyone. If she has a goal in mind she will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to achieve her goal. An example of this is episode 12 of season 2. Paris walks around a large staff table at the school newspaper telling them how they have to work harder if they are going to win this news award. She begins to list other high school level papers, even college level papers and tell the staff that those papers are not their competitors. But that the Wall Street journey and New York Times are their competitors. She basically tells a room full of college preparatory high school students in other words kids, that she expects nothing short of perfection. And that is when I knew I was a Paris Geller. My mindset this year has been perfection, perfection, and more perfection. I have been planning and replanning trying to account for every small detail, measuring not just myself, but each and every one of my staffers, my peers, with this perfection stick I have made in my mind. Now I am not saying that is not bad, because to some extent people can do things almost perfectly the first time. But what I am saying was a little humbling and a little striking at first. I am just sitting on my couch having a nice afternoon and then wham! I am suddenly hanging onto every word of Paris because they sounded just a little too familiar to me. This experience made me realize that perfection can not be and should not be a requirement. This made me see that you can only ask a person to do as much as they are capable and hope to push with time and patience. Paris Geller I got to  thank you… because you helped me see something I was blind. But that is the funny thing, I can thank Paris, but she did nothing at all. God did it. He knew that I needed to have my eyes opened to my failing mindset, he knew that I needed to be humbled. He saw that before I could even imagine it, so I can thank him for truly showing me the change I needed. 


That is the nice thing about living with God by your side everyday, you never know when he is going to use a few simple lines or a tv show character to open your blind eyes to a problem in your life. It is moments like these that I thank him for the love and the grace he shows me every second of everyday.


sneak peek- the unreciprocated “I Love You’s”

 *disclaimer, in no way shape or form do I or anyone on this staff own Gilmore girls all credit goes to Amy Sherman-Palladino and The WB network. 

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