On and Off the Court

Dealing With Burnout: Part 1

Brooke Highmark, Co-Editor of Sporting

Let’s be honest, most athletes, if not all, experience the infamous “burnout” one in their sports career. After years of dedicating every ounce of time, energy, and money to one specific sport with no payoff, many athletes begin to question why they try so hard to receive scarce rewards. For me, this “mid life crisis” for basketball took place in July of 2019 toward the end of a tournament...

Dealing With Burnout: Part 2

Brooke Highmark, Co-Editor of Sporting

With this new understanding and sense of consistency, I began to rethink why I began to play basketball in the first place. Clearly, my love for the game fell out of touch due to my dependency on its results, but I knew that at some point in my life I had a genuine love for it, or else I would have quit a long time ago. In order to rediscover this passion, I had to relive my memories from the earliest...

True Leadership—in the perspective of a point guard

Brooke Highmark, Co-Editor of Sporting

The concept of leadership is one of the trickiest yet most talked about subjects in the world of sports and beyond. In all honesty, I do not know all the answers. However, one thing I have learned from countless leadership seminars, coaches, and teammates is that there is no single perfect definition of leadership; it varies based on the current circumstances and people. In this blog, I’m going...

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